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Greetings Earthlings!

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My name is CardanoBotikz-Rob and I am soon to be meeting CardanoBotikz - Robyn.

**** CardanoBotikz-Rob and CardanoBotikz-Robyn Policy is now locked. No further mints are possible, though you are able to find us at ****

Welcome to and the home of CardanoBotikz!
CardanoBotikz-Rob and CardanoBotikz-Robyn come from an unexplored extra dimension of the metaverse. It has come to their attention that you humans are starting to take blockchain technology very seriously. This is good news. After all, this is the only way you are able to connect to Rob & Robyn and their immutable disguises and friends. They come from a population of over 100,000,000 however have only sent 10,101 CardanoBotikz-Rob's and 5,051 CardanoBotikz-Robyn's to explore your world and give you the very unique opportunity to adopt them as your own. 
They are unique. They are rare. Some of them more than others. Check out their rarity
Feel free to explore their portal and take them home with you into planet Earth. Be quick as the wormhole to their dimension will close in exactly 101 Earth days after touchdown and the lucky adopted ones will be the prized treasures of you earthlings to admire and collect.

Painted Space
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A bite-size sample of Rob in disguise!

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What are CardanoBotikz NFTs and NFTs?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are a use case of blockchain technology. NFTs are assets that are immutable by their very nature of being stored on a blockchain with each having unique policy data and metadata.
CardanoBotikz NFTs are the very first NFTs launched by, with CardanoBotikz-Rob being the first in the series. We are not affiliated with Cardano, but we are a small team of Cardano enthusiasts who believe that the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem will deliver cutting edge infrastructure and technology shaping the way the world operates over the coming decades. For this reason CardanoBotikz are NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain, generated from thousands of lines of code!

With our passion, creative flair, and desire to contribute to a growing ecosystem we have decided to design, create and mint these colorful and humorous NFT artworks depicting CardanoBotikz-Rob and his disguises as they journey to our planet and wait to be added to your NFT collection. Each NFT is unique and some attributes are very rare. Feel free to check out the site to discover the attributes and more about the project!

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