This section will outline the rarity of each attribute! To get the complete list in order at the bottom of the page go here, otherwise keep reading for each category explained individually. NOTE: Rarities and attributes for CardanoBotikz - Robyn to be published shortly after launch of CardanoBotikz - Robyn!

CardanoBotikz-Rob & CardanoBotikz-Robyn by design are fun, playful, flexible characters. CardanoBotikz is not your usual angry killer-bot! Rob's and Robyn's usually wide grin and slinky, skeletal body allows them to contort in many positions, all while representing the adaptability of the Cardano blockchain. They wear the African flag colors showing his support of current projects on the continent!
Is your CardanoBotikz-Rob a gym junkie or a cool, calm and collected yogi? Maybe he is a martial artist or a sun-soaked surfer?

Is CardanoBotikz-Rob waiting on your doorstep to pick you up for a date with a bunch of flowers and a bowtie?

Does your CardanoBotikz-Rob deck himself out with the coolest Cardano attire and kicks? Or does he sport some other Cardano ecosystem related attire?

Maybe your CardanoBotikz-Rob is a masked-up, well-endowed punk with a gold watch? Or maybe he is a whacky, down-to-earth playful rainbow clown with a dachshund? 
The combinations are seemingly endless, but what is certain is CardanoBotikz-Rob is whimsical, colorful, and crazy! Some attributes are so rare, less than 10 of them exist amongst the 10,101! Will you draw a rare gold-rusted CardanoBotikz-Rob NFT, or maybe even a highly sort after Ghost?

And the same goes with CardanoBotikz-Robyn! Were you lucky to grab a Ballerina Robyn? Or did you match your CardanoBotikz Rob in his crab pose? How about some really whacky festival colored singlet and panties?
Is your Robyn a stunning brunette that's been recently married? Or is she rocking her favorite cowgirl boots while doing the splits!?

Oh! And did we mention in addition to Rob's wild attributes you may be very lucky and score some scarce backgrounds! Will you pull a signed Cardano Blue NFT, the only ones signed by Rob himself? Or maybe you'll pull an Intergalactic NFT?

CardanoBotikz-Robyn also share the background scheme with Rob however you'll notice we have added in a basic backdrop with some awesome Morning, Midday, Sunset and Nighttime flavors! Is your Robyn rocking the Intergalactic highway?

Welcome to the wormhole! 


Rarity Level

As you may be aware a universal gradation of NFT rarity currently does not exist, however one of the leading proposals is outlined in the following Medium article:
Using this methodology as a framework for establishing rarity, CardanoBotikz-Rob NFTs have each been assigned a Rarity Score based from the underlying attribute distributions. These Rarity Scores were then ranked and categorized into ten distinct Rarity Levels with Level 1 being the most common and Level 10 being ultra-rare by nature. See the table to the left for more details.



CardanoBotikz-Rob was designed with 11 whimsical poses! Each of these 11 poses theoretically were treated equally however empirically some poses are more rare than others. Note that the elusive Ghost NFTs (among the rarest NFTs) are a subset of the Standing pose. For ease, we have made it easy for the collector to see the breakdown of the Holding Pose.



Will you pull a mighty rare Intergalactic background NFT? Or maybe a Cardano Blue background?...the only ones personally signed by CardanoBotikz-Rob himself. If not, you will still be delighted by the amazing amount of color filling your Cardano NFT wallet as you add to your collection! The Basic Backgrounds have been randomly selected from nearly 100 different colors. To see a sample of each background visit here!



CardanoBotikz-Rob NFTs sport a numerous amount of different hairstyles or headwear! Grab a graduate or maybe a crazy clown.


                  Facial Expressions and Facial Hair

With several different facial expressions up for grabs CardanoBotikz-Rob completely transforms from a happy-go-lucky robot, to surprised or romantic! Is he clean-shaven or does he show that 5pm stubble?


Robot Color and Rust

As you know CardanoBotikz-Rob is a multi-colored, wild and whacky character that exhibits a range of colors. If you're lucky you could even snag Rob in the midst of transitioning his color where he displays some really awesome Rainbow features! 
Like all robots though, his metallic chest frame and joints are subject to weathering and rust. Rust is rare, even more so when Gold!


Eye Color

What's your favorite eye color? Mine is green!



Cardano kicks or Clown Shoes? Maybe Rob's wearing the most fashionable Cardano Singlet top or some other cool Cardano-ecosystem related project like Coti?
Even if he is not, he will be displaying his awesome metallic body armor!



CardanoBotikz-Rob may on occasion deck himself out with a gold watch, bowtie or even listen to the latest beats!



Is your CardanoBotikz-Rob NFT a well-hung big-boy? Or maybe he is just a little baby?



CardanoBotikz-Rob is a lover of animals. Sometimes he will be taking his pet rock out for a walk, or have his very friendly fish by his side! My favorite is the little woof-woof - Penny-the-dachshund; you'll find her being loyal and decked out in an awesome Cardano hat!

RobynRarity - Levels.png

Rarity Levels

Similar to Series One, there are 10 rarity levels! Half the supply, make sure you grab a female to pair with your male!

RobynRarity - Pose.png


CardanoBotikz-Robyn has some really unique poses that not even Series One could pull off!

RobynRarity - Background.png


CardanoBotikz-Robyn backgrounds are similar in profile to CardanoBotikz-Rob, however the backgrounds have been added to such that they are not plain in nature anymore! These awesome new backgrounds come in a series of morning, midday, sunset and nighttime colors!

RobynRarity - Headwear.png


What color do you want your CardanoBotikz-Robyn to be? Will she be a Christmas duo with her CardanoBotikz-Rob or maybe she is a fiery redhead!

RobynRarity - Facial.png

Facial Attributes

Do you make CardanoBotikz-Robyn blush? Or maybe she matches her festival party-goer vibe with some rainbow lipstick!

RobynRarity - RobotColor.png


Keep with the color scheme of CardanoBotikz-Rob but with a few extra colors thrown in!

RobynRarity - EyeColor.png

Eye Color

Green eyes again please! Rare!

RobynRarity - Attire.png


What ADA-ecosystem attire does CardanoBotikz-Robyn have? Or maybe she rocks a festival top or pink party singlet?

RobynRarity - Accessories.png


Is your CardanoBotikz-Robyn wearing a Diamond Ring? Or maybe she kicks back to beats with CardanoBotikz-Rob!

RobynRarity - Groin.png


Panties..sometimes they match CardanoBotikz-Robyn's top and sometimes they mix-and-match!

RobynRarity - SecondaryItem.png

Secondary Item

Another pet rock? Or maybe a nice handbag! Purrrr...


List of all attributes - CardanoBotikz-Rob

See the table  for all attributes put together! Note where there is no attribute e.g. No Hair or Headwear, the category "None" is omitted.

Rarities are also displayed and discussed on our Discord Channel


List of all attributes - CardanoBotikz-Robyn

See the table  for all attributes put together! Note where there is no attribute e.g. No Hair or Headwear, the category "None" is omitted.

Rarities are also displayed and discussed on our Discord Channel

RobynRarity - List.png